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1 - Electronic online payments

1.1 Credit or debit card

Payments with a credit or debit card can only be in euros. Orders are taken into consideration after confirmation of payment.
In order to guarantee the maximum level of security, the personal data entered is encrypted and protected by the Paypal server. It is not necessary to be registered with Paypal.

1.2 Paypal

PayPal is a secure means of payment enabling customers to pay quickly without sharing bank details with e-commerce sites. If you have a PayPal account, you can use it on our website to pay for your purchases.

1.3 How will you know if the electronic payment has been accepted?

After the payment Craft Italian Style and Paypal (or the manager of your credit or debit card) will send you an email to notify you that the payment has been accepted. If you do not receive notification, login in to your User Panel > Orders > Document Details. Scroll down the order to the "Payment" section at the bottom of the item list. If the "Make Payment" link is active this means that the first attempt to pay was unsuccessful. Click on the link and try to pay again.
Otherwise you can use the following form. The procedure enables electronic payments to be made to Craft Italian Style. Enter the amount and a note to explain the reason for the payment.

1.4 You can't manage to complete the payment online; what should you do?

If your payment has been refused and the payment data you have entered is correct, don't hesitate to contact your bank or Paypal to obtain information.
If for any reason it proves impossible to complete the electronic payment:
- - for parcels to be delivered in Italy
you can ask the Customer Service to modify the method of payment to cash on delivery and pay for the goods when delivered
- for parcels bound for Europe or outside the EU
you can ask the Customer Service to modify the method of payment to a bank transfer. You will be quickly sent the bank details required to make the transfer.

2 - Bank transfer

Payments by bank transfer must be made at the time of making the order. You have 7 days to send us the transfer to the Craft Italian Style account (destination bank located in the United Kingdom, bank details accessible when confirming the order and in the order summary email). Once this period has elapsed, your order will be cancelled.
After the crediting, your order will be confirmed with updating of the scheduled dispatch date which you can view on your User Panel.
N.B. Until the payment is received the products will not be reserved and will remain on sale. Dispatch times begin when the payment is received.

3 - Cash on delivery (COD)

The Cash on delivery service is only available for deliveries in Italy, the Vatican City and San Marino.
A charge of €4.50 is requested from the courier for the cashing service and currency transfer. Only cash is accepted.

4- Coupon and vouchers

4.1 Validity of vouchers

Vouchers can be used on our website up to 30 calendar days after being allocated.
Exchanges and reimbursements are not possible whatever the reason. Gift cards may be used as the sole means of payment or in addition to another means of payment. Should the amount of the voucher be greater than the amount of the order you will not be able to use the difference when next ordering.

4.2 Using vouchers

There are three easy steps to follow to use your voucher when making your next order:
- Choose the items and put them in the cart
- Before finishing the order, in the cart enter the voucher code in the box provided for this purpose and press the "Add" button
- Vouchers cannot be used together. If you have several vouchers, only one can be used per order
- After sending the order it will no longer be possible to make any action concerning the vouchers or use a voucher that you have forgotten to use.

4.3 Your voucher is not valid: what should you do?

Check the validity of the voucher and its expiry date.
The codes differentiate between upper and lower case. Make sure you have entered them correctly and without spaces.
The value of the products in the cart (excluding costs) must be the same as the voucher or greater.

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